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The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. Save your time as you know that time is money and you need most of it to grow your business. Do not waste time trying produce accurate and timely information to assist you in making informed decisions which are critical for your business growth and survival.

At Skippers we offer a wide range of fast and secure accounting and business software solutions that will simplify your accounting and reporting work. We offer a wide range of accounting and business packages that are fully integrated and consists of modules which can be used individually or collectively to suit your needs in Business Management, Financial Management, Inventory Management and Point of sales (POS) Software.

Our focus is to provide specialized accounting and business solutions for small and medium businesses as well as Not for Profit Organizations.

We offer

  • Accounting Software sales
  • Accounting Software trainings
  • Accounting Software Installations and setup
  • Accounting Software configuration and customization to suit your needs
  • Data Migration
  • Accounting Software support services
  • Customized Software

We have partnered with world class Accounting and Business Software Companies and we are authorized dealers of:

  • Marg ERP Accounting Software
  • QuickBooks Accounting Software
  • Sage Accounting Software
  • FarmerForce

We also sell point of sales soft wares from the same companies at affordable prices.

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